RFP for Topographic Survey RFP for Topographic Survey

RFP for Topographic Survey

Consulate General of India

5549 Glenridge Drive NE,

Atlanta, Georgia-30342

United States of America







(A)   Statement of Objective: Consulate General of India, Atlanta herein called CGI Atlanta, invites short-term bids from reputed surveyor companies to undertake topographic survey of the Chancery building at 5549, Glenridge Drive, NE, Atlanta, GA-30342.

 Scope of Work

Topographic Survey:

Provide a one-foot interval contour mapping for the property located at 5549 Glenridge Drive in Atlanta, GA. Topographic survey will include spot grades across the site at no more than fifty-feet apart. Provide top and invert elevations on all visible and accessible sanitary sewer manholes and storm drainage structures within the survey limits and include the next structure beyond the survey limits. Provide the location of top and bottom of walls and slopes. Finished Floor or Threshold Elevations will be provided at door openings on the building. Two benchmarks will be set on or near the site and referenced on the survey. Horizontal & Vertical control will be referenced to NAD 1983 (2011) and NAVD 88. Finished survey will be prepared tat a sufficient scale and shown on 24" X 36" media or larger. Survey will be available in AutoCAD and or PDF formats.

Tree Survey:

Provide the location of all natural trees 6" DBH and greater all planted trees 4" DBH and greater with the limits of the survey.

Underground Utility Location Survey:

Underground utility locations will include all traceable utility structures and lines within the limits of survey.

2.            Visit to location :-  The prospective surveyors/companies can make visit to our location at No. 5549, Glenridge Drive, NE, Atlanta, GA-30342 but with prior appointment of the HOC viz Shri D.V. Singh for carrying out the survey works.

3.            Proposal to be sent to :

               The Expression of Interest proposal should be sent to Consulate General of India, Atlanta, No. 5549, Glenridge Drive NE, Atlanta, GA-30342 in a single envelopes with subscription “Topographic survey works at 5549, Glenridge Drive, NE, Atlanta, GA-30342.  The proposals should be submitted with hard copy and a soft copy. The interested companies should submit their proposals by 7th December, 2015.