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Teacher of Indian Culture

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Consulate General of India


Teacher of Indian Culture

The Indian Council for Cultural Relations has deployed a Teacher of Indian Culture has at the Consulate to teach Yoga, Sanskrit and Vedas.

2. Institutions desirous of availing his services towards introduction and/or promotion of Indian culture including Yoga can invite him as a guest speaker and/or as a guide.This is an attempt by the Government of India for promotion of Indian Culture abroad and is of non-commercial nature. Accordingly, the service of the Teacher of Indian Culture is free of any charge including any honorarium, fee/charge towards any kind of professional services, travel, boarding etc.

3. The request for availing the services of the Teacher of Indian Culture may be sent at pol.atlanta@mea.gov.in. The Consulate will try to accommodate the request to the extent possible depending on the exigencies of office and other factors.