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Press Release on OCI in lieu of PIO

Posted on: June 20, 2016 | Back | Print

Consulate General of India


 Press Release

OCI in lieu of PIO


          This is to inform that for the purpose of conversion of PIO cards to OCI cards, there is no need to produce all documents as required while applying for a fresh OCI card. The only documents required are:

           (a)  A copy of valid PIO card ( Both Pages)

(b)  A copy of current valid Passport



If applications are sent by post the above documents may be notarized and submitted.


2.       The deadline for the conversion from PIO card to OCI cards is December 31, 2016. Until applicants are in receipt of an OCI card issued in lieu of PIO card, they could travel to India with their valid foreign passport and valid PIO Card.

 3.       OCI in lieu of PIO card process detail is available at  http://in.ckgs.us/oci/oci-categories/oci-in-lieu-of-pio-us-adult.shtml.


June 20, 2016